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27 Aug 2023

Sleepless Nocturne The Animation 01 | SLEEPLESS Nocturne The Animation 上巻

Cover / Sleepless Nocturne The Animation 01 | SLEEPLESS Nocturne The Animation 上巻 / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 01
Tomoki Kawai and Yukino Komori are a college student couple who have just started dating. On an unfamiliar driving date, their car breaks down and they have to head to a mansion they see on the way to get help. --The Black Rose House is a Western-style house that sits quietly deep in the mountains. Little do they know that they will fall prey to a bizarre feast there....

Papa Katsu! 04 | パパ喝ッ! ~真面目ッ娘の尻活事情~

Cover / Papa Katsu! 04 | パパ喝ッ! ~真面目ッ娘の尻活事情~ / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 04
Tsumugi doesn't notice... Her best friend Saki was aiming for her father-in-law... Because she approached him just to ask for advice, she was made to do erotic things using his poetry as a model... Innocent Saki is fucked, sucked and inserted as she is said to be the same as poetry... While believing that even her violent and hard pushes are natural... Tsumugi, who unknowingly attacks her with contempt, is once again disciplined by her father-in-law. Tsumugi continues to curse even though she is aware of the changes in her own body. Her love juice continued to seep out from her crotch to the extent that it overflowed...

Korashime 2 Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou 03 | 懲らしめ2~狂育的デパガ指導~ ~焦らされる雌穴たち~

Cover / Korashime 2 Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou 03 | 懲らしめ2~狂育的デパガ指導~ ~焦らされる雌穴たち~ / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 03
Ayako patiently endures her ass being groped by Manabu's hand in the elevator. While being inserted through the gaps in her uniform, rubbed, groped, and plucked... Hiding that her body is starting to starve for stimulation that is lacking in moisture. Man-hating Rie is showing her lover Honami's foolery, Humiliatingly, he offers himself in exchange, and is played with. Her first meat stick sucking, licked, fucked and poured... The more she hates it, more the man is carved into her body and more she gets dirty, Manabu, who uncovers Maya's plot, puts everything in his hands and heads for further purges...

Kono Koi ni Kizuite The Animation 01 | この恋に気づいて THE ANIMATION

Cover / Kono Koi ni Kizuite The Animation 01 | この恋に気づいて THE ANIMATION / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 01
Tsujinaka-chan, a junior girl, invites a senior who has been dumped by his girlfriend out for a drink to comfort him. Seeing her senpai in a state of intense depression, the love she has been suppressing because he had a girlfriend overflows... "Can I be senpais girlfriend?" "If you don't have a girlfriend, you can love me with all your heart..." She forced her bewildered senpai to go to a love hotel...?

Ikumonogakari The Animation 02 | いくものがかり The Animation 下巻

Cover / Ikumonogakari The Animation 02 | いくものがかり The Animation 下巻 / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 02
A few months after the sexual classes began. The students come to XXX school, not a forest school, put to use what they have learned so far in their own practical training... In the environment of communal living for a limited period of time, it is impossible to avoid a huge orgy breaking out in the bathrooms! I can't stop having vaginal cum shot sex without using rubber.!

Goblin no Suana 03 | ゴブリンの巣穴 第三話 駆け出し冒険者 イラーリ

Cover / Goblin no Suana 03 | ゴブリンの巣穴 第三話 駆け出し冒険者 イラーリ / View Image!
Hentai Movie
Episode 03
Goblin. It's a vulgar monster that can be found least, it's recognized as such by humans. On this day as well, a young adventurer, Ilari, embarked on a goblin extermination to make a name for herself. Not knowing that this was the beginning of the tragedy... "Shall I hunt down all the monsters in this nest!" Ilari was so ignorant and so stupid. Too late she realized that she was even worse than a goblin. The price was paid with her body. Young, healthy women are good toys and nurseries for goblins. An ominous stubbornness that pierces through the unspoiled secret of an innocent. She will never see the light of day again... Armor, cloak, and... a bright future stripped from a female adventurer. Her abdominal muscles, trained by her swordsmanship, swell and wriggle mysteriously.
26 Aug 2023

Gyaru x Ota -Orikawa Kirara wa Osewa Shitai | ギャル×オタ ~織川きららはお世話したい~

Cover / Gyaru x Ota -Orikawa Kirara wa Osewa Shitai | ギャル×オタ ~織川きららはお世話したい~ / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
There is no such thing as a ota-friendly gal. As proof of this, Kirara Orikawa, a childhood friend from next door who used to play well with me, stopped talking to me after she became a gal. Gals don't care about otaku like me.

I thought so. After saving Kirara from a near-car accident and injuring me, they became violently and rapidly close to each other... The gal was not only nice to the otaku, she was delirious and very naughty.

TO-RA-WA-SE -Toraware no Anata ga Yumemiru Shiawase | TO・RA・WA・SE ~囚われの偽妃が夢みる初夜~

Cover / TO-RA-WA-SE -Toraware no Anata ga Yumemiru Shiawase | TO・RA・WA・SE ~囚われの偽妃が夢みる初夜~ / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
In Eastern Europe, there is a certain hotel renovated from an old castle. Traveling from Japan, at this place, the protagonist successfully proposes to his girlfriend.

However, due to her work, she returns to her home country first......

The protagonist, now alone, has a strange dream. Turned into a girl, the dream takes him to the old castle when it was still prosperous. There, he meets a twin boy and girl, calling themselves the Devil​, the dream lets him taste the pleasure while being in a girl's body.

After waking up from the dream, he finds himself turned into the same girl he was in his dream.

He tries to do something about it, but every time he falls asleep, he experiences the same dream. ――In this old castle, while being a girl, he is drowning in pleasures. And when he wakes up, his body is becoming more and more feminized.

In this situation, even though he manages to propose, he cannot reunite with his lover. While getting flustered, the taste of pleasure while being a girl, more than in a man's body, it becomes sweeter and irresistible......

Will the protagonist be able to escape from the dream and go back to being a man? Or.....
25 Aug 2023

Bakunyuu Yuukaku -Iyasare Tayuu Haramase no Yakaku | 爆乳遊廓 ~癒され太夫孕ませの夜鶴~

Cover / Bakunyuu Yuukaku -Iyasare Tayuu Haramase no Yakaku | 爆乳遊廓 ~癒され太夫孕ませの夜鶴~ / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
It was the spring of 5th year of Reiwa, a time when kimonos and sandals were still widely worn. In Fukamachi, the flower district of Kosaka, a certain incident was threatening people's lives. One is a very vicious and terrifying incident called a passerby, and the other is a haunting act that is persistently performed night after night. In what we now call stalking, men and prostitutes who go to geisha districts are especially targeted. Together with the incident of a random passer-by, the insidious crime became an object of fear, and gradually people started to move away from the entertainment district.

Through his best friend "Kurozaki", the main character is offered a job as a chaperone for a high-class prostitute, Tayu "Yotsuru". The main character had never worked as an escort before, but he immediately agreed because he thought he could repay the temple for its kindness. However, when it comes time for the nightly escort, this tayu comes closer and closer to the protagonist, who is the watchman! First with her mouth, then with her tits, and finally she pushed it as far as she could go...!? He would get up in the afternoon to gather information from the people of the city to find the culprit, and at night he would sleep with tayu till morning, The main character is immersed in the sex life in the flower district, which is a little bit seedy...

Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia Concerto 1 | 光翼戦姫エクスティアコンチェルト1

Cover / Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia Concerto 1 | 光翼戦姫エクスティアコンチェルト1 / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
In the peaceful city of Kawado Higashi, a "Gilts Seed" is discovered that causes people's desires to run wild and turn them into monsters. If left unchecked, innocent people might turn into monsters and attack others. In order to deal with the situation before it happens, "Ichika Ikkano" searches for Giltsheed.

At that time, "Haruno Aikawa" is attacked by a Gilts seed monster. Ichika Ikkano, who came across the scene, saw that she had a talent for PP and gave her an ex-device. Then "Haruno Aikawa" transforms into "Xtia Ignis" and succeeds in fighting off the monster.

In response to the request of Ichika Ikkano, Haruno Aikawa, as "Xtia Ignis," helped to collect the Gilts seeds.

Harem x Shangri-La | ハーレム×楽園 - Harem × Shangri-La -

Cover / Harem x Shangri-La | ハーレム×楽園 - Harem × Shangri-La - / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
The main character, Yoshiiri Amane (Changeable Name), is a transfer student who enjoys board games and puzzles. When he learns that his new school has a club activity related to board games and puzzles, he gladly joins. However, the board game club is...

“There is no need for activities like board game clubs in a school for learning!”

That's what the overly serious student council president decided, as the puzzle club was on the verge of a shutdown due to lack of members. Amane takes advantage of his clear mind to face the problems of the two club activities.

Surrounded by many girls who are members of the board game club and puzzle club, Amane's school life is turbulent. What is waiting ahead of him? Is it paradise? Or something else...?

Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin | ガルドマ -女子寮の管理人-

Cover / Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin | ガルドマ -女子寮の管理人- / View Image!
Hentai Game
Game Files
"I'm experiencing the harem life in a prestigious all-girls' school's dormitory?!"

Haruto has been caught in a conflicting situation. His acquaintance had recommended him a job which also involved him living there at the same time, and he decided to apply for it, without actually telling Haruto that the job was being the manager of a prestigious all-girls' school's dormitory.

While doing his best to not screw up, he ends up becoming closer with three particular girls. Natsumi Rin, who acts quite cynical when around Haruto. Akishima Hiyori, a cat-like girl who enjoys teasing and pranking Haruto. And Fuyusaki Aiko, a girl who always seems to have a yearning gaze while looking at Haruto.

Then all of a sudden, he gets into a sexual relationship with all three of them. The story of the three girls who live in the girls' dormitory starts rolling in an unexpected direction.
22 Aug 2023